FULLY Customisable Hat Catalogue

Using our wide range of headwear templates we are able to offer full customisation to all headwear patterns, from fabric application to our wide range of printing and embroidery techniques. All of which allowing our client’s the ability to achieve a final product that meets all desired specifications. Our team is available to assist with such amendments, offering expert advice to best achieve final product satisfaction. Whether you are looking to produce cotton baseball caps, nylon 5 panel caps, polyester running caps, mixed textile trucker hats, cotton twill dad caps or sublimated reversible bucket hats, T-Shirt Bangkok is your solution for headwear production.

Keeping Innovation at the Forefront

At the heart of T-Shirts Bangkok’s success lies its unwavering dedication to innovation. We have continually embraced cutting-edge production technologies, ensuring that each customised cap emerges as a work of art. Utilising our extensive experience supporting clients’ custom hat production for over 15 years, T-Shirts Bangkok consistently delivers crisp, vibrant, and long-lasting headwear that surpass industry standards. This commitment to innovation places us at the forefront of customised cap production in Thailand, setting us apart as a true trailblazer in the field.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

T-Shirts Bangkok’s commitment to excellence extends beyond technology and encompasses the realm of craftsmanship. Each custom cap, snapback, basketball cap, bucket hat, and beanie is meticulously handled by skilled artisans who possess a deep understanding of textiles, colors, and design aesthetics. From the selection of premium materials to the intricacies of color matching, T-Shirts Bangkok’s artisans infuse their expertise and passion into every product, resulting in caps that are not just accessories, but true statements of style.


Versatility in Customisation

A hallmark of T-Shirts Bangkok’s distinction lies in its unparalleled versatility in customisation. We recognise that every individual or brand has unique requirements and visions, all of which must be respected in the manufacturing of their custom garments. T-Shirts Bangkok’s expansive array of cap styles, colours, and customisation options ensures that each cap produced is a reflection of the customer’s identity. Whether it’s a sleek corporate snapback, a vibrant basketball cap for a sports team, a trendy bucket hat for a fashion-forward crowd, or a cozy beanie for winter warmth, T-Shirts Bangkok seamlessly transforms concepts into tangible, wearable art. Our product specialists are able to support all requests for custom cap production, able to offer best-practice advise for the application of your fabric and decorative application to all hat styles. 




Why Choose Us for Your
Custom CAPS

At the heart of T-Shirts Bangkok’s success is its team of professionals that collaborate and pull on each others vast knowledge to garner the best results for their clients. Further to this, we have continually embraced cutting-edge printing and embroidery technologies, ensuring that each customised cap emerges as a work of art.

Commitment to Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a core focus of T-Shirt Bangkok, we aim to stand out for our ability to uphold our commitment to environment when making custom hats. T-Shirt Bangkok also embraces eco-friendly embroidery practices, utilising environmentally safe processes that minimise our ecological footprint. T-Shirt Bangkok’s dedication to sustainability not only showcases its corporate responsibility but also resonates with conscious consumers who prioritise ethical practices.

Customer-Centric Approach

What really highlights T-Shirt Bangkok to be the industry leader is its unwavering customer-centric approach. We strongly believe in the importance of building strong working relationships with our clients, listening to their needs, and translating those needs into tangible, exceptional products. From initial design consultations to the final product delivery, T-Shirts Bangkok ensures open communication, transparency, and a seamless customer journey. This personalized experience resonates deeply with clients, fostering loyalty and trust.

Global Reach, Local Touch

T-Shirts Bangkok’s impact extends far beyond its base in Thailand. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has propelled it onto the global stage, serving clients across continents. Despite our international reach, T-Shirt Bangkok maintains a distinct local touch. We takes pride in incorporating cultural nuances and regional preferences into our designs, ensuring that each cap resonates with its wearer’s identity, whether they’re in Bangkok, New York, London, or Sydney.

Enduring Relationships

T-Shirt Bangkok’s excellence goes beyond transactional business; it thrives on building enduring relationships. Our ability to consistently deliver exceptional products has resulted in partnerships that have endured for over a decade. Whether it’s a small business seeking to establish its brand or a major corporation looking to maintain its visual identity, T-Shirt Bangkok’s dedication to quality and reliability solidifies its position as a trusted partner in the realm of customised cap printing.


The T-Shirts Bangkok Experience

In a world inundated with options, T-Shirts Bangkok shines as a beacon of unparalleled excellence. From its pioneering approach to innovation and its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship to its versatile customisation options and sustainable practices, we aim to set a new standard for custom cap production. Rooted in a customer-centric ethos and driven by a passion for delivering the highest quality products, T-Shirt Bangkok has not only earned its place as the best company for customised caps, but has proven itself to the pinnacle of creativity, quality and distinction in the global fashion and branding landscape.


As a leading Cap Factory and Manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand, T-shirt Bangkok takes pride in offering an extensive range of custom caps that seamlessly blend quality, style, and personalization. Explore the diverse fabric compositions, vibrant color options, and versatile design applications that set our caps apart, ensuring you find the perfect headwear to complement your unique style.

Fabric Composition: Unraveling the Threads

  • Cotton Twill: Embrace the timeless comfort of cotton twill, offering a classic look with a soft and durable feel.

  • Teton Twill: Elevate your cap experience with Teton twill, known for its textured appearance and robust construction.

  • Denim: Infuse a touch of casual chic with denim caps, providing a stylish and durable option for everyday wear.

  • Nylon: Opt for lightweight durability with nylon caps, perfect for those on the go who seek a sporty aesthetic.

  • Polyester: Experience the resilience of polyester caps, ensuring longevity and vibrant color retention.
  • TC Twill: Combine the comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester in TC twill, striking the perfect balance.

  • TK Twill: Modernize your look with TK twill, a polyester variant that brings a contemporary edge to classic styling.

  • Micro Fiber: Indulge in the luxurious feel of microfiber caps, offering a smooth and sleek appearance.

  • Cotton Canvas: Immerse yourself in the rugged charm of cotton canvas caps, providing durability with a touch of authenticity.

  • Mesh: Stay cool and stylish with mesh caps, perfect for those seeking a breathable and sporty headwear option.


Fabric Colors: Let Your Personality Shine

Discover a wide spectrum of colors available in our stock, allowing you to find the perfect shade to match your style. For larger quantities, T-shirt Bangkok, custom hat manufacturing factory offers custom dyeing services, ensuring your caps reflect the unique identity of your brand or personal collection.

Design Application Options: Adding Your Personal Touch

Customization is key, and our design application options provide you with the tools to make your cap truly yours. Choose from Embroidery, Embroidered Patch, Patches, Screen Printing, Sublimation, DTG (Direct to Garment), DTF (Direct to Film), and Flex, allowing your cap to be a canvas for your creativity.

Cap Styles: Tailored to Your Taste

Select from a variety of cap styles, including Baseball Cap, Snapback Cap, Running Cap, Bucket Hat, 5 Panels Cap, 6 Panels, Dad Cap, Visor Cap, Golf Cap, Trucker Cap, Beanies, Brimless Hat, Camping Hat, Cuban Cap, and Military Cap. Our diverse range ensures there’s a perfect cap for every occasion and personal preference.

T-shirt Bangkok stands as your go-to custom cap supplier in Bangkok, Thailand, delivering unparalleled quality and style in every stitch. Whether you’re looking for a classic baseball cap or a trendy snapback, our commitment to excellence ensures that your custom caps are a true reflection of your individuality. Explore the world of custom headwear with us, where fashion meets personal expression, one cap at a time.

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