At T-Shirt Bangkok we offer our clients the ability to customise all aspects of their unique t-shirt production request. We offer a wide range of fabric styles and composition, including: 100% cotton combed and semi-combed jersey; organic and recycled cotton fabrics; TC and TK jersey; micro-polyester and sports-tech fabrics; and many others. These fabrics are available in various gsm (weight) options, allowing us to meet all client custom T-Shirt requests.

We can follow all t-shirt size specifications and dimension customisation requests, whilst supporting with appropriate size scaling and other pattern alterations. We also have a wide variety of stock t-shirt patterns in a range of compositions, for those clients looking for a simpler production process, working with our high-quality product range and dedicated team of specialists available to assist throughout your production process.

Quality beyond compare

At the core of the T-Shirt Bangkok’s success story is an unwavering commitment to delivering high quality custom garments. From the selection of raw materials to the final printing process, each step is meticulously executed to ensure that the final product exceeds expectations. T-Shirts Bangkok has access to a wide variety of fabrics, ensuring we are able to provide the most appropriate fabric to meet our client’s needs. Our dedication to using premium materials translates into T-shirts that retain their vibrancy and shape even after numerous washes, setting us apart from other production providers.

Innovative design process

T-Shirt Bangkok takes custom t-shirt printing to new heights with its innovative design process. Our team of expert designers and production technicians work closely with clients, transforming concepts into captivating designs. Whether for personal wear, team uniforms or promotional campaigns, T-Shirt Bangkok helps clients achieve designs and garments that resonate with each unique target audience. By utilising a multitude of decorative techniques in garment manufacturing, we support each t-shirt becoming a unique canvas for self-expression or branding.


One of the defining factors that sets T-Shirt Bangkok apart is our multitude of printing options available. The company employs a variety of advanced techniques, including screen printing, sublimation printing, DTG (direct-to-garment printing), DTF (direct-to-film printing), reactive printing and Flex to name a few. This diverse arsenal of printing methods allows us to meet various design requirements, being applied to various fabric types, resulting in impeccable details, vibrant colours and long-lasting print designs. T-shirt Bangkok’s investment in technology and production processes ensures that each T-shirt we produce is a masterpiece of precision and artistry.




Limitless customisation

When it comes to customisation, T-Shirt Bangkok knows no limits. Whether is be custom women’s t-shirts, custom t-shirts for men or custom children’s t-shirts, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet diverse customer needs. We also can manufacture single custom t-shirt sample, or a bulk order for corporate events or established brands. T-Shirt Bangkok is the best custom t-shirt manufacturer with the widest range of customisation options allowing customers to turn their concepts into reality, elevating ordinary T-shirts into extraordinary statements of identity or promotion.


Following fabric selection, T-Shirt Bangkok’s munufacturing team offers clients the ability to apply various fabric washes and treatments to further elevate their custom T-Shirt production. From fabric pre-shrink techniques used to lock the T-Shirt pattern, to decorative treatments such as acid-wash, enzyme-wash, stone-wash, silicone-wash, all of which allow our clients to realise their custom T-Shirt ambitions.

Timely delivery and exceptional service

Timely delivery and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of T-Shirt Bangkok’s reputation. Our efficient production process ensures that orders are processed promptly without compromising quality. Clients are kept informed at every stage of the process, fostering transparency and trust. T-Shirt Bangkok’s customer service team is renowned for its responsiveness, ensuring queries are promptly addressed and concerns resolved to customer satisfaction. 


Global reach with a local touch

Although T-Shirt Bangkok operates on a global scale, it retains a personalised local touch. Our dedication to understanding the cultural nuances of different regions allows us to create designs that resonate with specific audiences. This global-local approach positions T-Shirt Bangkok as a versatile partner for businesses and individuals looking to make a lasting impact with their custom t-shirt options. Our production specialists are fluent in several languages, including: English; Thai; French; and Italian, allowing us to offer a smooth garment production solution for our international client base.


When it comes time for you to order custom manufactured T-shirts, the choice of fabric is paramount. At T-shirt Factory Bangkok, Thailand, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of fabric compositions to cater to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for comfort, style, or eco-friendly t-shirts, our custom t-shirt fabric range has you covered.



  • 100% Cotton: A classic choice for custom t-shirts known for its breathability and soft feel, ideal for everyday wear.

  • 100% Cotton Combed: Enhanced with combed fibers, this fabric boasts a smoother texture and increased durability.

  • 100% Cotton Semi: Strikes a balance between comfort and durability, perfect for those seeking a middle ground.

  • Cotton Super Soft: if you are looking to order comfortable custom t-shirts this fabric designed for a luxuriously soft touch to the skin.

  • Organic Cotton / Recycle Cotton: Perfect for eco-friendly t-shirts using organic or recycled cotton options.

  • OE Cotton: Known for its open-end spinning technique, providing a unique texture and breathability making for the best custom t-shirts in Thailand.

  • TC: Polyester/Cotton Blend: Combining the best of both worlds, this blend offers the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester.
  • CVC: Cotton/Polyester Blend: Strike the right balance between comfort and durability with this versatile blend.

  • TK: 100% Polyester: A lightweight and moisture-wicking option, perfect for active lifestyles.

  • DryTech: Engineered for moisture control, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

  • CVC Cotton Spandex: Blend comfort with flexibility, making it an ideal choice for those on the move.

  • Lycra: Introduce elasticity and stretch to your wardrobe with Lycra-infused fabrics.

  • Micro Polyester: Achieve a sleek and smooth look with the microfiber touch of this polyester variant.

  • 100% Polyester Anti-Bacteria: Combine comfort with hygiene, perfect for those prioritizing cleanliness. This is the fabric perfect for custom t-shirts needed for warmer weather conditions and harsh working environments


Fabric Weight: Striking the Right Balance

Most fabric compositions are available in weights ranging from 120gsm to 250gsm, ensuring you find the perfect balance between lightness and substance when ordering from our t-shirt factory in Thailand.

Fabric Colors: A Palette to Suit Every Taste

Our stock includes a wide range of colors to suit varied preferences. Our custom T-shirt Bangkok factory offers the option to custom dye fabrics, providing a truly personalized touch to your creations.

Pattern Style/Cut: Tailoring to Your Taste

Choose from a variety of pattern styles and cuts, including Standard T-shirt, Oversized/Box T-shirt, Kids T-shirt, Women T-shirt, Longsleeve, Singlet/Tank top, and Crop tops.

Design Application Options: Adding the Finishing Touch

Enhance your custom T-shirt with various design application options such as Screen printing, Sublimation, DTG, DTF, Flex, and Embroidery, ensuring your vision comes to life just how you dreamed it.

To sum it up, T-shirt Factory Bangkok stands as a hub of creativity, offering a plethora of fabric choices and customisation options manufacture t-shirt dreams to reality. Whether you are in search of a classic cotton feel or aiming for a cutting-edge polyester blend, we have the threads that weave your style story. Explore, create, and define your fashion with us. Contact the best t-shirt manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand today to discuss your desires with our professional team.

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