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PREMIUM Screen Printing in Bangkok

Screen printing is a popular and versatile printing technique used to create high-quality, long-lasting designs on various surfaces, particularly textiles such as shirts and garments. In Bangkok, Thailand, screen printing has been a staple in the garment printing industry due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to rapidly produce large numbers of custom products. With a wide variety of inks available, including: plastisol; water-based inks; rubber; puff-ink; reflective ink, our team of specialists are available to support our clients select the appropriate ink to achieve their final product specifications. 

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing method that involves the use of a mesh stencil to transfer ink to a substrate, such as fabric, paper, metal, or plastic. The process begins with the creation of a screen, which is a frame covered with a fine mesh or screen material. Areas of the screen that are not part of the design are blocked out, leaving only the desired pattern or image exposed. The ink is then forced through the open areas of the screen with a squeegee-like tool, resulting in the desired print on the substrate below.

Direct to screen printing in Bangkok

Direct screen printing is a modern variation on traditional screen printing, offering greater precision and efficiency. In Bangkok, Thailand, companies like T-Shirt Bangkok have embraced this advanced technique, which involves creating digital templates directly on screen, eliminating the need for separate films or transfers. This streamlined process reduces production time, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for fast turnaround times without compromising quality.

T-Shirt Bangkok - The best screen printing in Thailand

When it comes to high-quality screen printing, Thailand is home to several renowned and innovative printing companies, such as T-Shirt Bangkok. These establishments offer top-notch services, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of qualified professionals, ensuring that businesses get the best results for their printing needs. From small orders for start-ups to large-scale projects for established companies, these screen printing facilities in Thailand serve a wide range of clients, both domestic and international.



Using CMYK process printing, we are able to apply our client’s colourful designs to garments via screen printing with just 5 blocks. Using these halftone blocks we are able to blend colours to give our prints an authentic screen printed look and feel. This process is ideal for client’s looking to print colourful designs onto their apparel at a lower price than digital printing techniques.




T-shirt screen printing: creating wearable art

T-shirt screen printing is one of the most popular applications of this printing technique. With its ability to produce vibrant, long-lasting designs, screen printing has become the preferred option for customizing t-shirts and other apparel. Businesses globally often look to T-shirt screen printing services in Bangkok, Thailand to create custom products, promotional apparel, and uniforms that effectively represent their brand identity.

Screen printing for SMEs

For small and medium-sized businesses in Bangkok, or internationally, screen printing presents an excellent opportunity to establish a strong brand presence without breaking the bank. Whether it’s creating custom products for marketing purposes or developing a cohesive uniform for employees, screen printing offers cost-effective solutions that help SMBs stay competitive and make a lasting impression on their target audience.

Screen Printing for Corporate Companies

Corporate businesses in Bangkok often require large-scale printing projects to meet their branding and promotional needs. Screen printing proves to be an efficient option for bulk orders, as it ensures consistency and quality across all printed materials. Whether you’re creating branded promotional products, corporate event merchandise, band merchandise or employee uniforms, screen printing can handle the demands of corporate businesses while maintaining a high level of precision and durability.


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Without a doubt for T-Shirt Bangkok, screen printing has become a driving force in our service offering, providing businesses a versatile and cost-effective solution to their printing needs. The direct-to-screen printing method has revolutionized the process, allowing for faster turnaround times and greater accuracy. For SMBs and corporate businesses alike, screen printing plays a vital role in establishing a strong brand presence and creating high-quality, personalized products that leave a lasting impression on both customers and employees. As Bangkok continues to thrive as a hub for business and creativity, screen printing remains a valuable tool for businesses to express their identity and make their mark in the marketplace.

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